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* use memcpy instead of strcpy to make the dom string copy intention explicitVincent Sanders2019-03-041-4/+4
* validate the form button element type attribute as per specVincent Sanders2019-02-221-4/+16
* HTML handler: Reformat passing viewport height when triggered by object.Michael Drake2019-02-171-3/+3
* Layout: Add debug logging to show viewport dimensions passed into layout.Michael Drake2019-02-171-0/+4
* Box construction: Don't handle IMAGE specially.Michael Drake2018-12-131-1/+0
* check dom call return and improve handling of missing form typeVincent Sanders2018-10-091-22/+30
* rewrite form_successful_controls_dom as form_dom_to_dataVincent Sanders2018-09-291-556/+883
* gcc on openbsd is unable to reason about res variable usage and generates bog...Vincent Sanders2018-09-261-1/+1
* fix url encoding to be compatible with nsurl API changes.Vincent Sanders2018-09-264-152/+165
* allow comments to supress implicit fallthrough warningsVincent Sanders2018-09-071-1/+1
* HTML: Don't try to finish an HTML document's conversion twice.Michael Drake2018-08-271-0/+16
* remove warning by replacing sprintf snprintfVincent Sanders2018-08-241-1/+5
* remove warning by replacing strcpy with safer strncpyVincent Sanders2018-08-241-5/+11
* fix size_t format specifiersVincent Sanders2018-08-181-3/+4
* Layout: Use box helper for first child checks.glenwalker/bug_0002428Michael Drake2018-06-291-2/+2
* Box: Add helper to check if box is first child.Michael Drake2018-06-291-0/+11
* Layout: Tidy condition so it can be read.Michael Drake2018-06-291-7/+6
* Plotters: Expose array of font family strings to front ends.Michael Drake2018-05-231-0/+1
* Plotters: Change stroke width in the plot_style_t to fixed point.Michael Drake2018-05-231-1/+1
* Plotters: Add plot_style_fixed type, and use for font size.Michael Drake2018-05-233-5/+5
* clean up html content handler header useVincent Sanders2018-05-1112-68/+180
* move html and text content handlers where they belongVincent Sanders2018-05-1030-0/+27093