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* Add dodgy window method to clear callbacksDaniel Silverstone2019-05-251-1/+6
* Quieten dukky a little more in default log levelsDaniel Silverstone2019-05-061-3/+3
* Support context dump safely in duktapeDaniel Silverstone2019-05-061-2/+21
* change content get_source_data interfaces to return uint8_t and size_tVincent Sanders2019-05-051-3/+12
* Dukky: Change from specifically named genericsDaniel Silverstone2019-05-051-6/+13
* Force a GC to ensure old compartment goes awayDaniel Silverstone2019-05-051-1/+5
* Replace zd with PRIsizet to appease WindowsDaniel Silverstone2019-05-051-1/+1
* Support nodelist indexingDaniel Silverstone2019-05-041-1/+35
* Add createElementNSDaniel Silverstone2019-05-041-1/+2
* JS: Attribute external JS to the URI it came from in backtracesDaniel Silverstone2019-05-041-2/+6
* Support Window as an event target for dukkyDaniel Silverstone2019-05-041-5/+28
* Unref body when finished getting event handlerDaniel Silverstone2019-05-041-0/+4
* Better dukky debug for node creationDaniel Silverstone2019-05-041-1/+12
* Support Document::createEvent()Daniel Silverstone2019-05-031-1/+1
* Javascript: Support setTimeout and friendsDaniel Silverstone2019-05-031-29/+57
* dukky: Clean up the logging levels a littleDaniel Silverstone2019-05-021-2/+3
* DUKKY: Remove LOG/JS_LOG macros, update to dukky categoryDaniel Silverstone2019-02-171-49/+49
* fix logging level in duktape bindingVincent Sanders2018-11-061-6/+6
* Slightly nicer handling of js_exec() and errorsDaniel Silverstone2018-11-041-19/+47
* Use coccinelle to change logging macro calls in c filesVincent Sanders2017-09-061-54/+77
* Duktape 2.X: duk_error now returns a duk_ret_tMichael Drake2017-03-231-2/+1
* Duktape 2.x: duk_safe_call callbacks now have a void ptr user data param.Michael Drake2017-03-231-5/+5
* Add EventListener support to duktape binding.Daniel Silverstone2017-02-051-7/+177
* Support fixed nsgenbind bindingsDaniel Silverstone2017-02-051-3/+4
* create netsurf inttypes header to have portable integer formatting macrosVincent Sanders2017-01-211-4/+3
* Move javascript content handler as appropriate for updated source formatVincent Sanders2016-06-071-0/+1135