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* make mouse track and mouse action content handlers return an error codeVincent Sanders2019-11-121-2/+6
* content: Rename content_broadcast_errorcode()Daniel Silverstone2019-08-051-2/+2
* make content close check the content status itselfVincent Sanders2019-07-101-2/+6
* change content get_source_data interfaces to return uint8_t and size_tVincent Sanders2019-05-051-3/+5
* Text handling: Display application/json, rather than offering download.Michael Drake2018-08-141-0/+6
* Plotters: Add plot_style_fixed type, and use for font size.Michael Drake2018-05-231-3/+3
* move html and text content handlers where they belongVincent Sanders2018-05-103-0/+1718