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* improve desktop text search header usageVincent Sanders2020-06-241-3/+5
* make text selection context an opaque interfaceVincent Sanders2020-05-231-0/+1
* remove all direct access to selection structureVincent Sanders2020-05-231-2/+0
* remove unecessary content handler specific selection creationVincent Sanders2020-05-231-5/+3
* remove unused css length usage in selectionVincent Sanders2020-05-231-0/+2
* cleanup selection code formatting and documentationVincent Sanders2020-05-201-4/+3
* use content messages to inform frontend of text search changesVincent Sanders2020-05-131-230/+342
* make free text search content handler agnosticVincent Sanders2020-05-121-266/+79
* consolodate the textsearch code into a single moduleVincent Sanders2020-05-121-3/+100
* move free text search general interface to content.Vincent Sanders2020-05-101-0/+718