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* Fix offset to allow tiled renderingChris Young2020-05-221-2/+2
* add page information core window handler to RISC OSVincent Sanders2020-05-221-2/+19
* Page info: Don't show cookies if it's not an http(s) scheme.Michael Drake2020-05-201-3/+33
* Page info: Get URL scheme on creation.Michael Drake2020-05-201-12/+5
* Page info: Only show certificate if scheme is https.Michael Drake2020-05-191-0/+21
* page-info: Provide support to indicate if action did somethingDaniel Silverstone2020-05-081-3/+8
* Page info: Convert to nscolour.Michael Drake2020-04-071-52/+27
* Page info: We need a non-const browser window.Michael Drake2020-02-241-3/+3
* Page info: Fix typo.Michael Drake2020-02-231-1/+1
* Page info: Avoid anonymous union for AmigaOS3 and OpenBSD.Michael Drake2020-02-231-60/+67
* Page info: Add core window size getter, and stub for keypresses.Michael Drake2020-02-231-0/+20
* Page info: Implement mouse action handling.Michael Drake2020-02-231-0/+91
* Page info: Implement redraw.Michael Drake2020-02-231-0/+114
* Page info: Implement page info window creation and destruction.Michael Drake2020-02-231-0/+250
* Page info: Add data structures and module init/fini.Michael Drake2020-02-231-0/+313