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* Add move caret msg. Add flag to choose internal caret or caret move msgs.Michael Drake2013-01-301-4/+12
* Update textarea to inform client what it's doing with drags.Michael Drake2013-01-291-19/+33
* Implement most of the styling needed for HTML. Allow caret to be hidden.Michael Drake2013-01-131-1/+1
* Add background colour to textarea_redraw API. Add source comments.Michael Drake2013-01-121-25/+21
* Add textarea_setup struct to textarea_create API.Michael Drake2013-01-121-2/+21
* Remove wrong comments.Michael Drake2013-01-071-2/+0
* Put exported function comments in header.Michael Drake2013-01-051-0/+108
* Start rationalising textarea widget.Michael Drake2013-01-051-16/+20
* Committing textarea_set_dimensions patch from Ole Loots.John Mark Bell2011-11-211-1/+1
* Remove plotter table global. Pass a redraw context around redraw functions. ...Michael Drake2011-06-301-1/+1
* Constify.Michael Drake2011-02-141-1/+1
* Pass clip rect to textarea redraw as struct rect.Michael Drake2011-02-141-1/+1
* Make textarea widget unaware of its global position. Credit: paulblokus.Michael Drake2009-08-131-3/+3
* Merged revisions 8808,8862-8863 via svnmerge from Michael Drake2009-07-291-4/+3
* Merge LibCSS port to trunk.John Mark Bell2009-07-231-2/+2
* Merged revisions 8663 via svnmerge from Michael Drake2009-07-221-0/+1
* Merged revisions 8059-8359 via svnmerge from John Mark Bell2009-07-061-0/+1
* Merged revisions 7764-7977,7979-8058 via svnmerge from John Mark Bell2009-06-271-0/+58