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* Revert "Amiga: do not force 32-bit bitmaps"Chris Young2021-06-281-1/+2
* Amiga: do not force 32-bit bitmapsChris Young2021-06-281-2/+1
* Make gui_globals less... globalChris Young2017-02-131-21/+8
* Get render bitmap size via functionChris Young2017-02-131-0/+8
* Manage shared pens internally unless we need multiple lists (eg. per browser_...Chris Young2017-02-131-1/+32
* Alloc gui_global structure when initialisingChris Young2017-02-131-2/+4
* Remove use of global context data from Amiga frontendChris Young2017-02-131-2/+0
* Make browserglob private to gui.cChris Young2016-07-091-1/+0
* Rationalise gui_globals a bitChris Young2016-06-011-1/+2
* reduce core header usageVincent Sanders2016-06-011-1/+3
* move plotters header into public APIVincent Sanders2016-05-301-1/+1
* move frontends into sub directoryVincent Sanders2016-05-151-0/+55