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* monkey: Excise sslcert and add loading blocking supportDaniel Silverstone2020-05-221-54/+0
* add ability for monkey farmer to launch browser with environment variables setVincent Sanders2020-03-231-2/+4
* test: Extra info when windows don't destroy quicklyDaniel Silverstone2020-02-221-0/+4
* Ensure that we capture and repeat stderrDaniel Silverstone2020-01-101-1/+45
* stop bad unicode data from crashing teh test harnessVincent Sanders2019-12-311-1/+5
* monkey: Support testing page info stateDaniel Silverstone2019-12-011-0/+4
* monkeyfarmer: Make polling even more robustDaniel Silverstone2019-08-031-3/+3
* monkeyfarmer, driver: Add support for clicking on thingsDaniel Silverstone2019-08-031-0/+3
* monkeyfarmer: Probably make handling of monkey more robustDaniel Silverstone2019-08-031-2/+2
* monkeyfarmer: Be a little more verbose when exitingDaniel Silverstone2019-08-021-0/+3
* Monkey: Properly support reload in farmer and driverDaniel Silverstone2019-08-021-2/+4
* ensure monkey farmer copes with recv returnint EAGAINVincent Sanders2019-07-061-11/+18
* make monkey driver and farmer python files pylint and pep8 cleanVincent Sanders2019-07-041-50/+99
* fix monkey testing setting of options to add necessary prefixVincent Sanders2019-07-021-1/+1
* attempt to make monkeyfarmer process exit detection more reliableVincent Sanders2019-06-271-5/+5
* Monkey: Support a -w argument to the monkey_driver.pyDaniel Silverstone2019-06-151-4/+15
* allow monkey tests to stop navigationVincent Sanders2019-06-061-0/+3
* detect monkey exit rather than waiting forever for a defunct processVincent Sanders2019-06-061-0/+14
* extend the monkey test tooling to cope with ssl certificate windowsVincent Sanders2019-06-051-1/+45
* Add js-exec to monkey_driver, add a test, etc.Daniel Silverstone2019-05-061-1/+4
* Monkeyfarmer: Support loggingDaniel Silverstone2019-05-061-1/+42
* Add plot commands output for auth testDaniel Silverstone2019-02-161-1/+1
* Final tweaks, support LOGIN in monkeyfarmerDaniel Silverstone2018-11-041-1/+88
* More monkey stuffDaniel Silverstone2018-11-031-0/+390