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* Fix join with rel part of " ". Add a few tests.Michael Drake2012-11-021-0/+6
* Add nsurl_replace_query. Add tests. Make tester itterate remaining lwc_stri...Michael Drake2012-10-111-0/+69
* Add some tests.Michael Drake2011-11-031-0/+8
* More test cases.Michael Drake2011-10-311-0/+14
* Add a couple of tests and tidy up.Michael Drake2011-10-151-10/+25
* Remove unnecessary stub functionsJohn Mark Bell2011-10-151-18/+0
* Stub messages_get, insteadJohn Mark Bell2011-10-151-1/+8
* Fix handling of no schemeJohn Mark Bell2011-10-151-0/+2
* A bunch more tests for trivial inputsJohn Mark Bell2011-10-141-0/+5
* Move nsurl test suite into test/John Mark Bell2011-10-141-0/+186