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NetSurf is an open-source web browser for RISC OS. Its aim is to bring the HTML 4 and CSS standards to the RISC OS platform. For more information about NetSurf see the documentation.

Current Status

NetSurf is currently incomplete and many features aren't yet implemented. See the progress page to get an indication of NetSurf's development status. If you experience any crashes or unexpected behaviour while using NetSurf please report the problem to the developers.

NetSurf Links

NetSurf home page
The NetSurf web site
SourceForge project page
SourceForge provides the bug tracker, mailing list and other services
Test builds
Built automatically from the latest source
Bug tracker
Please report bugs on the bug tracker
Request tracker
Please make feature requests on the request tracker
Development mailing list
Subscribe to the list if you plan to develop or test NetSurf
CVS web interface
Browse the source code using the web interface