# English messages for NetSurf # Menus NetSurf:NetSurf Info:Info AppHelp:Help... F1 Choices:Choices... Quit:Quit Page:Page PageInfo:Info ^F1 Save:Save F3 SaveComp:Full save F3 Export:Export ExportAs:Export as Draw:Draw ^F3 Text:Text ^F3 SaveURL:Save location Print:Print... NewWindow:New window ^N ViewSrc:View source... F8 Object:Object ObjInfo:Info ObjSave:Save ObjReload:Reload URI:Acorn URI URL:ANT URL LinkText:Text Selection:Selection Copy:Copy to clipboard ^C SelectAll:Select all ^A Clear:Clear selection ^Z Navigate:Navigate OpenURL:Open URL... Home:Home page Back:Back one page Forward:Forward one page Reload:Reload this page ^R Stop:Stop loading this page View:Display ScaleView:Scale view Images:Images ForeImg:Foreground images BackImg:Background images AnimImg:Animations DitherImg:Dither images FilterImg:Smooth images Toolbars:Toolbars ToolButtons:Buttons ToolAddress:Address bar ToolThrob:Throbber ToolStatus:Status bar Render:Render RenderText:Blend text to background RenderAnims:Buffer animations RenderAll:Buffer all rendering OptDefault:Set as default Window:Window WindowSave:Set as default position WindowStagr:Stagger window position WindowSize:Maintain window size WindowReset:Reset default position Utilities:Utilities HotlistAdd:Add to hotlist HotlistShow:Show hotlist F6 Help:Help HelpContent:Contents F1 HelpGuide:User guide HelpInfo:User information HelpInter:Interactive help HelpAbout:About NetSurf Themes:Themes # Hotlist menus Hotlist:Hotlist New:New Expand:Expand Collapse:Collapse All:All Folders:Directories Folder:Directory Links:Entries Link:Entry SaveSelect:Save Launch:Launch Edit:Edit Delete:Delete ResetUsage:Reset statistics # Hotlist sub-window titles NewLink:Create new address NewFolder:Create new directory EditLink:Edit entry EditFolder:Rename directory # Hotlist window HotlistURL:URL: %s HotlistAdded:Added: %s HotlistLast:Last visited: %s HotlistVisits:Visits: %i # Download window Download:%s of %s %s/s %s remaining DownloadU:%s of unknown %s/s %s total Downloaded:%s complete average %s/s %s total Unwritten:Writing data to file failed. # Forms Form_Submit:Submit Form_Reset:Reset Form_None: Form_Many:(Many) Form_Drop:Drop file here FormSelect:Click to choose a form item FormCheckbox:Click to check this option FormRadio:Click to choose this option FormSubmit:Send form to %s FormBadSubmit:Warning: form can not be submitted FormTextarea:Click to edit the text FormTextbox:Click to edit this field FormReset:Reset form (not implemented) FormFile:Drop a file here to upload it Not2xx:Server returned an error cookiefile:Choices:WWW.NetSurf.Cookies cookiejar:.WWW.NetSurf.Cookies ErrorPage:Page error

Sorry, NetSurf was unable to display this page


InvalidURL:The address %s could not be understood. NoMemory:NetSurf is running out of memory. Please free some memory and try again. FontBadInst:An error occurred when initialising fonts due to the presence of obsolete copies of the ROM fonts on disc. NetSurf will exit and launch a program which will attempt to fix this. FontError:Failed to open font "Homerton.Medium" (%s). Resolvers:No domain name servers are configured, so only browsing local files will be possible. Use Configure to set your name server(s). PathToURL:An error occurred converting the file path to an URL: SaveError:The file could not be saved due to an error: LoadError:The file could not be loaded due to an error: MenuError:An error occurred when opening the menu: DragError:An error occurred when dragging the icon: TbarError:An error occurred when constructing the toolbar: WimpError:An unexpected Window Manager error occurred: Template:A window template is missing from the Templates file. Please reinstall NetSurf. MiscError:An unexpected error occurred: FileError:File does not exist: HotlistSaveError:The hotlist was unable to be correctly saved. HotlistLoadError:The hotlist was unable to be correctly loaded. NoPathError:To save, drag the icon to a directory display NoNameError:Please enter a name NoURLError:Please enter a URL URIError:NetSurf was unable to parse this URI file due to a syntax error. EmptyError:file is empty. # Some general purpose words and phrases Bytes: B kBytes: kB MBytes: MB GBytes: GB # Progress Progress:%s of %s ProgressU:%s Loading:Opening page... RecPercent:Received %s (%u%%) Received:Received %s Converting:Converting %lu bytes BadRedirect:Bad redirect URL FetchFailed:Unable to fetch document Complete:Page complete (%gs) Redirecting:Redirecting... Processing:Processing document Formatting:Formatting document FetchObjs:Loading %u objects FetchObjs2:Loading %u objects: %s Done:Document done FetchStyle:Loading %u stylesheets FetchStyle2:Loading %u stylesheets: %s NotCSS:Warning: stylesheet is not CSS BadObject:Warning: bad object type ObjError:Error loading object: %s ParsingFail:Parsing the document failed. BadGIF:Reading GIF failed. PNGError:PNG library error. MNGError:MNG library error. DrawTitle:Draw image (%lux%lu, %lu bytes) GIFTitle:GIF image (%lux%lu, %lu bytes) JPEGTitle:JPEG image (%ux%u, %lu bytes) PNGTitle:PNG image (%lux%lu, %lu bytes) JNGTitle:JNG image (%lux%lu, %lu bytes) MNGTitle:MNG image (%lux%lu, %lu bytes) SpriteTitle:Sprite image (%lux%lu, %lu bytes) SelectMenu:Select SaveSource:Source SaveDraw:Webpage SaveText:Webpage SaveObject:Object SaveLink:Link # Interactive help HelpToolbar0:\Tback button.|M\Straverse back one page in the history tree.|MDoes not resubmit form information. HelpToolbar1:\Tforward button.|M\Straverse forward one page in the history tree.|MDoes not resubmit form information. HelpToolbar2:\Tstop button.|M\Sstop loading this page. HelpToolbar3:\Treload button.|M\Sreload this page.|M\Areload this page and any objects it contains. #HelpToolbar4:\Thome button.|M\Sgo to your home page. HelpToolbar5:\Thistory button.|M\Sopen the local history \w. HelpToolbar6:\Tsave button.|M\Ssave the current document. #HelpToolbar7:\Tprint button.|M\Sprint this page.|MOpens a print dialogue box. HelpToolbar8:\Thotlist button.|M\Sopen the hotlist management \w.|M\Aadd this address to the hotlist. HelpToolbar9:\Tscale view button.|M\Sscale the page, affecting both text and images. #HelpToolbar10:\Tsearch button. #HelpToolbar11:\Tup button.|M\Smove up the directory structure. HelpToolbar12:\TURL bar.|MType in the address of a site to visit and press Return to go there. HelpToolbar13:\Tthrobber.|MIt animates while this \w is active. HelpStatus0:\Tstatus bar.|MIt displays information on what the browser \w is doing. HelpStatus1:\Tstatus bar resizer.|MDrag to alter the size of the status bar. HelpIconMenu0:\Rview information about this software. HelpIconMenu1:\Sview NetSurf's documentation. HelpIconMenu2:\Sopen the Choices dialogue box. HelpIconMenu3:\Squit NetSurf. HelpBrowserMenu0:\Rsee the options relating to the current page. HelpBrowserMenu0-0:\Rsee information about the current page. HelpBrowserMenu0-1:\Rsave the current page as an HTML file. HelpBrowserMenu0-2:\Rsave the current page including all the images and style sheets used. HelpBrowserMenu0-3:\Rsee the export options. HelpBrowserMenu0-3-0:\Rexport the current page as a Drawfile. HelpBrowserMenu0-3-1:\Rexport the current page as a plain text file. HelpBrowserMenu0-4:\Rsave the address of the current page. HelpBrowserMenu0-4-0:\Rsave the current address in Acorn URI format. HelpBrowserMenu0-4-1:\Rsave the current address in Ant URL format. HelpBrowserMenu0-4-2:\Rsave the current address as plain text. #HelpBrowserMenu0-5:\Sopen the print dialogue box. HelpBrowserMenu0-6:\Sopen the current page in a new window. HelpBrowserMenu0-7:\Sview the source code of the current page in a text editor. HelpBrowserMenu1:\Rsee the options relating to the current item. HelpBrowserMenu1-0:\Rsee information about the current item. HelpBrowserMenu1-1:\Rsave the current item. HelpBrowserMenu1-2:\Rsee the export options. HelpBrowserMenu1-2-0:\Rsave the image as a Sprite. HelpBrowserMenu1-3:\Rsave the address of the current item. HelpBrowserMenu1-3-0:\Rsave the current item's address in Acorn URI format. HelpBrowserMenu1-3-1:\Rsave the current item's address in Ant URL format. HelpBrowserMenu1-3-2:\Rsave the current item's address as plain text. HelpBrowserMenu1-4:\Sreload all the items on this page. HelpBrowserMenu2:\Rsee the navigation options. #HelpBrowserMenu2-0:\Sreturn to the configured home page. HelpBrowserMenu2-1:\Sgo back a page in the local history.|MForm information is not resubmitted. HelpBrowserMenu2-2:\Sstep forward a page in the local history.|MForm information is not resubmitted. HelpBrowserMenu2-3:\Sfetch the current page again. HelpBrowserMenu2-4:\Sstop NetSurf from continuing to load this page. HelpBrowserMenu3:\Rset the local display options. HelpBrowserMenu3-0:\Rscale the page, affecting both text and images. HelpBrowserMenu3-1:\Rset the local image options. #HelpBrowserMenu3-1-0:\Stoggle the display of foreground images. HelpBrowserMenu3-1-1:\Stoggle the display of background images. HelpBrowserMenu3-1-2:\Stoggle the display of animations.|MIf turned off, the first frame is displayed. HelpBrowserMenu3-1-3:\Stoggle dithering of images.|MImproves display in sub true colour screen modes. #HelpBrowserMenu3-1-4:\Stoggle smoothing of scaled images.|MUses bi-linear filtering to enhance display of scaled images. HelpBrowserMenu3-2:\Rcontrol the display of NetSurf's toolbars. HelpBrowserMenu3-2-0:\Stoggle the display of the toolbar buttons.|MURL bar uses the remaining space. HelpBrowserMenu3-2-1:\Stoggle the display of the address (URL) bar. HelpBrowserMenu3-2-2:\Stoggle the display of the throbber.|MURL bar uses the remaining space. HelpBrowserMenu3-2-3:\Stoggle the display of the status bar.|MHorizontal scroll bar uses the remaining width. HelpBrowserMenu3-3:\Scontrol the manner the display is rendered. HelpBrowserMenu3-3-0:\Stoggle whether text is blended to the background. HelpBrowserMenu3-3-1:\Stoggle whether animations are not displayed until all calculations are complete. HelpBrowserMenu3-3-2:\Stoggle whether everything is not displayed until all calculations are complete. HelpBrowserMenu3-4:\Smake your local display options the default options for NetSurf. HelpBrowserMenu4:\Rto access NetSurf's built in utilities.|MUtilities are tools such as the hotlist, history tree and setup options. HelpBrowserMenu4-1:\Rcontrol the default window positioning. HelpBrowserMenu4-1-0:\Sto make the current window position the default. HelpBrowserMenu4-1-1:\Sto toggle whether subsequent windows are staggered down the screen. HelpBrowserMenu4-1-2:\Sto toggle whether child windows are opened at the size of the parent. HelpBrowserMenu4-1-3:\Sto return to the default window positioning. HelpBrowserMenu5:\Rsee the help resources available. HelpBrowserMenu5-0:\Sopen the documentation contents page in a new \w. HelpBrowserMenu5-1:\Sopen the user guide in a new \w. HelpBrowserMenu5-2:\Sopen the user information page in a new \w. HelpBrowserMenu5-3:\Sopen the NetSurf about page in a new \w. HelpBrowserMenu5-4:\Srun Help. HelpBrowser-1:Click \s on a link to follow it.|MClick \a on a link to open it in a new \w. HelpIconbar:\TNetSurf icon.|M\Sopen a new browser window. HelpHistory:Use this \w to navigate around the local history tree.|M\Son a thumbnail to return to that page. HelpSaveAs0:Drag SELECT this icon to the directory in which you want to save the file. HelpSaveAs1:This is the filename under which this document will be saved. HelpSaveAs2:\Ssave the file with the current filename.|MIf a full path is not set, you must drag the icon to a directory. HelpSaveAs3:\Sclose this \w without saving. HelpScaleView:Use this \w to change the scale the page is displayed at. HelpScaleView1:Enter the scale you wish the page to be displayed at. HelpScaleView2:\Sreduce the scale, 10% at a time. HelpScaleView3:\Sincrease the scale, 10% at a time. HelpScaleView5:\Sautomatically choose a scale of 50%. HelpScaleView6:\Sautomatically choose a scale of 80%. HelpScaleView7:\Sautomatically choose a scale of 100%. HelpScaleView8:\Sautomatically choose a scale of 120%. HelpScaleView9:\Scancel changes.|MThe current scale will not be changed. HelpScaleView10:\Schange the view to the scale you have chosen. HelpHotFolder:Use this \w to set the directory name. HelpHotEntry:Use this \w to set the entry details. HelpHotlist:\Thotlist management window. HelpHotlist0:\Sopen this directory. HelpHotlist1:\Sclose this directory. HelpHotlist2:\Sshow the entry details. HelpHotlist3:\Shide the entry details. HelpHotlist4:\Sselect this directory.|MDouble-click \s to open this directory. HelpHotlist5:\Sselect this entry.|MDouble-click \s to launch this URL. HelpHotlist6:Release the mouse buttons to complete your selection. HelpHotlist7:Release the mouse buttons to move the selection. HelpHotToolbar0:\Tcreate button.|M\Screate a new directory.|M\Acreate a new entry. HelpHotToolbar1:\Tdelete button.|M\Sdelete the current selection. HelpHotToolbar2:\Texpand entries button.|M\Sexpand all entries.|M\Acollapse all entries.|MExpanded entries show additional details, such as a visit counter. HelpHotToolbar3:\Topen directories button.|M\Sopen all directories.|M\Aclose all directories. HelpHotToolbar4:\Tlaunch button.|M\Slaunch the current selection. HelpHotlistMenu0:\Rperform an operation on the hotlist. HelpHotlistMenu0-0:\Rcreate a new item. HelpHotlistMenu0-0-0:\Rcreate a new directory. HelpHotlistMenu0-0-1:\Rcreate a new address. HelpHotlistMenu0-1:\Ssave any changes made to the hotlist. HelpHotlistMenu0-2:\Rexport the hotlist as an HTML file. HelpHotlistMenu0-3:\Rexpand items within the hotlist. HelpHotlistMenu0-3-0:\Sopen all directories and show all entry details. HelpHotlistMenu0-3-1:\Sopen all directories. HelpHotlistMenu0-3-2:\Sshow all entry details. HelpHotlistMenu0-4:\Rcollapse items within the hotlist. HelpHotlistMenu0-4-0:\Sclose all directories and hide all entry details. HelpHotlistMenu0-4-1:\Sclose all directories. HelpHotlistMenu0-4-2:\Shide all entry details. HelpHotlistMenu1:\Roperate on the current selection. HelpHotlistMenu1-0:\Rsave the current selection. HelpHotlistMenu1-0-0:\Rto save the current address in Acorn URI format. HelpHotlistMenu1-0-1:\Rto save the current address in Ant URL format. HelpHotlistMenu1-0-2:\Rto save the current selection as HTML. HelpHotlistMenu1-1:\Redit the current item. HelpHotlistMenu1-2:\Slaunch the current selection. HelpHotlistMenu1-3:\Sdelete the current selection from the hotlist. HelpHotlistMenu1-4:\Sreset statistics, such as visit count, for selected items. HelpHotlistMenu2:\Sselect all the items in the hotlist. HelpHotlistMenu3:\Sdeselect all selected items.