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Build interface map allowing for correct dependency generation
This constructs an ordered list of all interfaces in their dependency order. The topological sort ordering is derived from the interfaces inheritance. The resulting table allows the generation phase to easily map interfaces to classes defined in the binding with a useful ordering. Additionally it was noticed that the uievent IDL was missing so that has now been added and allows for a much more complete graph of interfaces to be constructed.
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@@ -37,6 +37,30 @@ The tool requires a binding file as input and an output directory in
which to place its output.
+Debug output
+as well as the generated source the tool will output seevral debugging
+files with the -D switch in use.
+ The interfaces IDL dot file contains all the interfaces and their
+ relationship. graphviz can be used to convert this into a visual
+ representation which is sometimes useful to help in debugging
+ missing or incorrect IDL inheritance.
+ Processing the dot file with graphviz can produce very large files
+ so care must be taken with options. Some examples that produce
+ adequate output:
+ # classical tree
+ dot -O -Tsvg
+ # radial output
+ twopi -Granksep=10.0 -Gnodesep=1.0 -Groot=0009 -O -Tsvg