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authorVincent Sanders <>2019-04-07 12:54:34 +0100
committerVincent Sanders <>2019-04-07 12:54:34 +0100
commit19f64e40dbedc37bb362300c028a5d74621677fa (patch)
parent8204e885a4915d1d33285c417de6270c106d3db2 (diff)
Don't build OpenSSL for m68k-amigaos
skip the build but mark the build step as complete because Curl needs it. Issues: Curl won't see AmiSSL as the includes alone are not enough to trick it. Creating dummy libssl.a libcrypto.a nearly works but still chokes as the test programs don't include anything so the AmiSSL inlines don't get opened. Solution might be to build a dummy libssl.a which redirects the needed functions. There's an issue with amissl/inline.h with the latest includes (hack #define it so it doesn't try - may cause other problems later but this is not where the troublesome SSL_connect() is defined)
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diff --git a/sdk/Makefile b/sdk/Makefile
index e546e10..383e842 100644
--- a/sdk/Makefile
+++ b/sdk/Makefile
@@ -350,8 +350,10 @@ $(SOURCEDIR)/pbl_$(VERSION_LIBPBL).tar.gz:
# OpenSSL
$(BUILDSTEPS)/openssl.d: $(BUILDSTEPS)/builddir.d $(BUILDSTEPS)/zlib.d $(BUILDSTEPS)/openssl-src.d
+ifneq ($(TARGET),m68k-unknown-amigaos)
cd $(BUILDDIR)/openssl/openssl-$(VERSION_OPENSSL) && $(env) ./Configure --prefix=$(GCCSDK_INSTALL_ENV) $(TARGET) no-shared no-threads $(EXTRAARGS_OPENSSL)
cd $(BUILDDIR)/openssl/openssl-$(VERSION_OPENSSL) && $(env) make install
touch $@
# prepare the openssl source tree