path: root/m68k-atari-mint/Makefile
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* atari-mint: update binutils to 2.30François Revol2019-02-221-2/+2
* atari-mint: fix mintbin install pathFrançois Revol2019-02-221-0/+1
* atari-mint: fix typo (BINUTILS vs MINTBIN)François Revol2019-02-221-1/+1
* atari-mint: allow parallel build of binutils and gccFrançois Revol2019-02-221-3/+5
* atari-mint: completely skip using makeinfoFrançois Revol2019-02-221-1/+2
* atari-mint: Force automake/aclocal to 1.11François Revol2019-02-221-4/+6
* atari-mint: update binutilsFrançois Revol2019-02-221-2/+2
* m68k-atari-mint: bump mintlib version.John-Mark Bell2017-07-071-1/+1
* update atari mintlib version for new releaseVincent Sanders2016-05-031-1/+1
* update mintlib versionVincent Sanders2014-12-101-2/+1
* Update SDK library versions for openssl, libpng , libcurl and freetype to add...Vincent Sanders2014-10-161-1/+2
* m68k-atari-mint: update toolchain; fix bitrot.John-Mark Bell2014-01-171-6/+6
* update m68k-atari-mint toolchain to use cached sourcesVincent Sanders2013-11-241-13/+18
* Update MiNT toolchain to use latest MiNTlibOle Loots2013-11-241-1/+1
* fix gmp insanity race see Sanders2012-08-171-0/+1
* fix mint toolchain buildVincent Sanders2012-08-171-1/+10
* Make build use automake 2.64 explicitly, still crashes at libmudflapVincent Sanders2012-08-161-6/+12
* update with current mint sourcesVincent Sanders2012-08-111-10/+7
* Build runes for m68k-atari-mint toolchainJohn Mark Bell2011-05-141-0/+250