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* Stub out some compatibility headersJohn Mark Bell2010-12-293-0/+22
* Add glob.h and a stub implementation thereofJohn Mark Bell2010-12-292-0/+44
* Define some BSD typesJohn Mark Bell2010-12-291-0/+18
* Add -lnet -lunix to the default link lineJohn Mark Bell2010-12-291-1/+1
* Declare NewObjectI static, so we don't get multiple definitions at link timeJohn Mark Bell2010-12-291-1/+1
* A motley selection of changes, which ultimately result in a toolchain that pr...John Mark Bell2010-12-2421-41/+3161
* Now with added binutilsJohn Mark Bell2010-12-202-0/+12
* Import toolchains treeJohn Mark Bell2010-12-169-0/+2264