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* Only one of the previously missing files is still missingChris Young2018-01-081-9975/+0
* Still need missing-files.pChris Young2018-01-081-0/+12492
* Fix patches so our scripts can locate the filesChris Young2018-01-0817-324/+324
* Update to gcc 6.1.0 using patches from Young2018-01-089-291/+1049
* Update with latest binutils patches from Young2018-01-089-12713/+1573
* current debian stretch patch seems to copy amigaos.scVincent Sanders2017-09-161-530/+1
* Remove a copy&change patch which was patching the source fileChris Young2016-02-281-779/+0
* Remove a MorphOS-related patch which was breaking the buildChris Young2016-02-281-7/+1
* Add some missing files as patch doesn't like the copied and changed files tha...Chris Young2016-02-281-0/+13021
* Remove a MorphOS patch we don't care about and was confusing gitChris Young2016-02-281-454/+0
* Fix file paths in the patchesChris Young2016-02-2813-303/+303
* Import gcc patches from Young2016-02-287-11/+5756
* Import binutils patches from Young2016-02-288-406/+28206
* PPC-AmigaOS: fix build with GCC 4.7John-Mark Bell2014-01-041-0/+406
* fix gmp configure script to not break M$ for flexVincent Sanders2012-10-131-0/+11