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Update my progress in developer weekend
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@@ -54,7 +54,10 @@ plot context through everything, for widgetery (or however you spell that)
-> **TODO:** Vince to fill out.
+* define plotetr API which passes context to each call (done)
+* update all core uses of API to match changes (in progress)
+* update core plotters (knockout and print) to meet new API
+* update each frontend plotters to provide API
@@ -64,7 +67,9 @@ Actions:
-> **TODO**: Vince will fill this out. (RFC6265)
+netsurf cookies currently adheres to RFC2109 (kinda) and we should implement RFC6265
+Vince has investigated and this is necessary for using cookies at least partially safely with javascript. without this implementation javascript acess is not secure.
JavaScript and Events
@@ -90,3 +95,10 @@ Daniel found and corrected some hiccoughs in the `test/` tree:
* We were at risk of going over-time on some hash table tests.
+cocoa - to be put on notice. noone is maintaining it. if noone responds on developer or user list then CI will stop building and updating to build will not be required. If the frontend does not build at teh next developer weekend it will be removed from git.
+atari - toolchains are badly in need of a refresh. will be removed if noone wants to maintain it. \ No newline at end of file