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+[[!meta title="Documentation/GTK Interface"]]
+[[!meta author="James Bursa"]]
+[[!meta date="2010-04-07T17:05:44Z"]]
+[[!toc]] This page describes the
+GTK interface, which lives in the **gtk** directory. This interface is
+used on Linux, BSD, and can be used on other platforms which have a port
+of GTK.
+Windows and Scaffolding
+A "scaffolding" is a top-level main window, which contains a toolbar,
+menu bar, and one or more tabs containing web pages. Each tab
+corresponds to a gui\_window (and each frame if frames are present).
+All the UI designs for the main window are in
+**wndBrowser** is a scaffolding. It contains a VBox containing a
+MenuBar, Toolbar, Toolbar for search (normally hidden), and Notebook.
+The **tabContents** GtkTable (in tabContentsWindow) is used for each
+tab. It contains a table with two rows and two columns, which contain
+(line 1) a Layout, VScrollbar, (line 2) HPaned, and Statusbar (used for
+resizing only). The HPaned contains the actual status bar (as a Label),
+and a HScrollbar.
+Tab creation is implemented in gui\_create\_browser\_window() in
+gtk/gtk\_window.c. The scrollbars are linked to the layout here.
+Frames are implemented as a ScrolledWindow containing a Layout, which is
+then placed on the parent's Layout. This is also in
+[[!inline raw=yes pages="Documentation"]]