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futher release process updates
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@@ -110,6 +110,11 @@ Delete the public_suffix_list.dat file and run make, this will cause a
fresh copy to be downloaded and converted. You will need the correct
perl modules installed for this step.
+Release libutf8proc
+May have to update to upstream unless upstream have added a pkg-config file
Other core buildsystem based libraries
@@ -130,7 +135,6 @@ libraries using the core buildsystem in order
- libnsfb
- libpencil
- librufl
-- libutf8proc
Releasing NetSurf
@@ -146,19 +150,22 @@ don't be confused and do update amiga stuff.
check the resources for the frontends you are releasing are up to date
- credits file copyright years (at a minimum)
- - !NetSurf/Resources/en/credits.html,faf
- - !NetSurf/Resources/it/credits.html,faf
- - !NetSurf/Resources/nl/credits.html,faf
+ resources/en/credits.html
+ resources/it/credits.html
+ resources/nl/credits.html
- licence file copyright years (at a minimum)
- - !NetSurf/Resources/en/licence.html,faf
- - !NetSurf/Resources/it/licence.html,faf
- - !NetSurf/Resources/nl/licence.html,faf
-- frontends/amiga/pkg/netsurf.readme
-- frontends/amiga/pkg/netsurf\_os3.readme
-- windows/res/installer.nsi
+ resources/en/licence.html
+ resources/it/licence.html
+ resources/nl/licence.html
+- amiga readme copyright files
+ frontends/amiga/pkg/netsurf.readme
+ frontends/amiga/pkg/netsurf\_os3.readme
+- windows frontend installer
+ windows/res/installer.nsi
Ensure the ca-bundle is updated
create a branch releasing/<version number> and switch to it
@@ -179,13 +186,9 @@ commit to the branch
git commit -m 'Update version files for release'
-once you are sure everything is correct and committed push it to the repo
- git push origin release/3.8
-finally tag the branch for release
+once you are sure everything is correct and committed tag the branch for release
- git tag -s -m 'Official Release' release/&lt;version number&gt;
+ git tag -s -m 'Official Release' release/<version number>
Next do a dry run push
@@ -197,26 +200,31 @@ ensure this shown the correct repo and the release tag something like
To ssh://
* [new tag] release/3.7 -> release/3.7
-If that verifies as correct
- git push --tags
-and the release tag is pushed, too late now so be careful and check!
Next the branch must be merged back to master.
git checkout master
- git merge -s ours heads/release/3.7
+ git merge -s ours heads/releasing/3.7
Then edit desktop/version.c and frontends/amiga/version.c ready for the next release cycle
git add desktop/version.c frontends/amiga/version.c
git commit -m 'Update version for next development cycle'
+Remove releasing branch
+ git branch -d releasing/3.8
+ Deleted branch releasing/3.8 (was 66fe825c8).
finally push master
git push origin master
+If that verifies as correct
+ git push --tags
+and the release tag is pushed, too late now so be careful and check!
Please do ensure you *thoroughly* check your work at each step as mistakes are hard to fix once pushed.
Releasing the all source