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+[[!meta title="Todo/Framebuffer frontend"]]
+[[!meta author="James Bursa"]]
+[[!meta date="2011-11-26T22:20:37Z"]]
+- Use pointer hot spot data.
+- Can't press and hold a key to get auto-repeat. e.g. for delete.
+- local history scrolling does not work
+- url text input widget is not great
+- crash with x frontend with some wm
+- animated gif/internal font render funny
+- obscured widget ordering issue
+- Need a text cursor.
+- Use path plotter and LibSVGTiny.
+- Support page scaling.
+nsfb wrinkles from RJEK
+- URL bar text size seems... overbearing.
+- Home toolbar button?
+- Local history thumbnails are all black
+- On-screen keyboard gets overwritten by content.
(It might be worth
+ rethinking how this works. How about the keyboard taking up the
+ whole screen with its own entry box, and then inserting that text
+ when the user is finished? Android does it this way when screen
+ space is tight, and it would eliminate the problem of having to
+ scroll the content so the text area is visible with the keyboard
+ open.)
+- You can't grab the scroll handle when it's really small (try HTML5.)
+- No dragging support means it isn't as nice to use as it could be on
+ touch screens.
+- Form buttons don't work on the Joggler; strangeness on how the touch
+ screen delivers the events?
+- When configuring the scroll bar size, the arrows become distorted.
+ Perhaps draw them using the drawing commands, rather than using
+ images?
+- At high-resolutions, the OSK's key bevels are so small in comparison
+ to the keys they're essentially invisible.
+- Pressing the arrow keys on the OSK to scroll causes the
+ newly-redrawn document to obliterate the keyboard.
+- When loading a page, the arrow adds an hourglass. If you do not move
+ the mouse after this, the hourglass remains until you do. (Repaint
+ the pointer when the throbber stops?)
+- The stop/refresh buttons don't grey out when unneeded. (ie, the stop
+ button isn't needed when the throbber isn't going, and the refresh
+ button isn't needed when it is. Some browsers combine them to save
+ space, ie the button is a stop button when loading, and a refresh
+ button when not.)
+- No caret drawing.
+- Lots of libnsfb/fbtk debug output; have this runtime selectable?
+- Can FreeType be auto-detected and used if available at build time?
+ Our Makefile.config stuff would still allow this to be turned off
+ should the user want it.
+- Mouse input becomes laggy/follows movement some time after the real
+ movement, when loading occurs. Is there any way to prioritise mouse
+ inputs, or drop pending movement when a new movement event comes in?
+- Aesthetic only: Can we get anti-aliased line drawing on the local
+ history window? :)
+- Go to Wikipedia. Scroll down using the wheel so the logo and
+ logotext in the top left corner is no longer visible. Slowly scroll
+ up only enough to get to the top of the document again. Scroll up
+ once more, and note the logotext change position. (It moves up a
+ couple of pixels.)