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+[[!meta title="Continuous Integration"]]
+[[!meta author="Kyllikki"]]
+[[!meta date="2016-02-06T11:38:14Z"]]
+[[!toc]] The CI system is a jenkins
+instance on <>
+The old discussion on [[Autobuilder requirements|autobuilder_requirements]] —
+lists requirements for the new autobuilder.
+The master instance is a VPS provided by Mythic beasts.
+A VPN between it and all the build slaves provides a network where no
+machines are publicly accessible. This is in addition to the ssh based
+tunnels used to copy data between CI nodes.
+The Jenkins install on the master server is a snapshot release version
+The majority of the build slaves are provided by our own
+[[virtual host server|virtual_host_server]] excepting operating
+systems which cannot be virtualised (principally MAC OS X).
+### [[Continuous Integration Debian Jessie Setup|continuous_integration_debian_jessie_setup]]
+### [[Continuous Integration Debian Wheezy Setup|continuous_integration_debian_wheezy_setup]]
+### [[Continuous Integration OpenBSD Setup|continuous_integration_openbsd_setup]]
+### [[Continuous Integration FreeBSD Setup|continuous_integration_freebsd_setup]]
+### [[Continuous Integration Haiku Slave Setup|continuous_integration_haiku_slave_setup]]
+### [[Continuous Integration Mac OS X Snow Leopard Setup|continuous_integration_mac_os_x_snow_leopard_setup]]
+### [[Continuous Integration Mac OS X Yosemite Setup|continuous_integration_mac_os_x_yosemite_setup]]