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+[[!meta title="Todo/RISC OS frontend"]]
+[[!meta author="Stevef"]]
+[[!meta date="2011-03-02T23:29:28Z"]]
+Core Treeview
+Updating the front-end to work with the Core Treeview changes. Largely
+complete, the following items are either low priority (?) or waiting for
+other changes such as the toolbar widget re-implementation.
+This work is (at present) in the trunk.
+### Outstanding work
+- Should the font used in treeviews be configurable?
+- Textarea code should call the front end to render the caret. (Like
+ the form code.)
+- Hotlist editing dialogues need to be reinstated, or all associated
+ templates and code need to be removed.
+- URL Suggest Menu module may require re-implementation as a
+ stand-alone entity which collects URLs entered directly into the
+ address bar and Open URL dialogue, instead of relying on URLdb. Low
+ priority?
+Toolbar Update
+Updating the toolbar implementation to break the component parts into
+stand-alone widgets. This will serve two main purposes: allowing some
+outstanding Core Treeview issues to be closed off cleanly, and allowing
+additional features to be added to the GUI without the risk of breaking
+the existing components.
+This work is underway in /branches/stevef/toolbars.
+### Niggles
+- Toolbar menus shade unsupported widgets, instead of hiding them.
+- Check and confirm the correct content types for
+ ro\_gui\_url\_bar\_set\_site\_favicon() to accept from the core.
+- URL Completion needs to be migrated from the Window module towards
+ the Toolbar / URL Bar modules.
+### Further improvements
+- "Unlimited" length URL field in URL Bar Widget.
+- Tab Bar Widget.
+- URL Suggest module could identify menu availability more
+ efficiently.