BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ashmew2/kolibriosAdd makefile for kos32-gcc.Ashish Gupta18 months
chris/amisslFix ppc-amigaos libcurl 7.64.1 buildChris Young3 weeks
chris/clib2-debugRevert "Enable __MEM_DEBUG in clib2"Chris Young2 years
chris/gcc6-os3update gcc sourceChris Young9 months
chris/gcc6-os4Stop libquadmath complaining about incompatible autotoolsChris Young15 months
chris/http2Merge branch 'master' of git:// into chris/...Chris Young8 months
jmb/openssl-asmOpenSSL: fully disable CPU feature detection.John-Mark Bell3 years
masterupdated curl requires a later version of cares to buildVincent Sanders12 days
mmu_man/m68k-try-003m5475-atari-mint: hack until mintbin install path is fixedFran├žois Revol9 months
vince/atari-gcc7work in progress getting gcc 7 for m68k-atari-mint to workVincent Sanders16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 daysupdated curl requires a later version of cares to buildHEADmasterVincent Sanders1-1/+1
12 daysFix ppc-amigaos libcurl 7.64.1 buildChris Young4-56/+39
12 daysNeed Curl 7.64.1 for AmiSSLChris Young1-1/+1
12 daysThese patches shouldn't be needed with the next release of curl (>7.64.0)Chris Young5-71/+0
12 daysBuild libcurl against AmiSSL for m68k-unknown-amigaos targetVincent Sanders1-2/+2
12 daysDon't build OpenSSL for m68k-amigaosVincent Sanders1-0/+2
12 daysInstall the Roadshow SDK into netincludeChris Young1-1/+15
12 daysAdd AmiSSL 4.2 SDK to m68k-amigaos buildChris Young2-1/+1761
2019-02-22remove redundant patch from m5475-atari-mint crypto buildVincent Sanders1-11/+0
2019-02-22update m68k atari sdk patchesVincent Sanders2-12/+2