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Significantly optimise CSS selection performance.
Now we pass a node bloom filter to css_get_style. That node bloom filter is filled with the node's ancestor element, class, and id names. Internally, libcss also generates a bloom filter for each selector chain. If the selector chain's bloom filter is not a subset of the node bloom filter, we know that the selector chain's rule does not apply to the node. This avoids the slow selector chain matching process. Other smaller optimisations to move the ruling out of selector chains for inapplicable media types and other reasons to before we start comparing rules from different sources to find the next rule. All this is now done in hash.c so select.c never sees the trivially ruled out rules.
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@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ include $(NSBUILD)/
# Extra installation rules
I := /include/libcss
+INSTALL_ITEMS := $(INSTALL_ITEMS) $(I):include/libcss/bloom.h
INSTALL_ITEMS := $(INSTALL_ITEMS) $(I):include/libcss/computed.h
INSTALL_ITEMS := $(INSTALL_ITEMS) $(I):include/libcss/errors.h
INSTALL_ITEMS := $(INSTALL_ITEMS) $(I):include/libcss/font_face.h