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All numerical values are represented in 22:10 fixed point.
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Datatype storage
-8 and 16 bit integers are stored as 32bit values.
-32 bit integers are stored in their natural format.
-Floats are stored in their natural format.
-Integers wider than 32 bits are not supported.
-Doubles are not supported.
+All numeric values are stored in a 32bit wide field. This field contains
+a fixed point value with 22 bits assigned to the integer part and 10 bits
+assigned to the fractional part.
Strings are stored as <pointer,length> pairs, as per css_string.
Pointer's width is the native width of a pointer on the platform.
Length's width is the native width of a size_t on the platform.
CSS dimensions are stored as two 32bit values: <length, units>.
-Length is a 32bit integer and unit is as follows:
+Length is a 32bit numeric value (as described above) and unit is as follows:
bit 8 clear => length unit
bits 9-31: MBZ