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Computed styles: Drop uncommon extension blocks.
They were a space saving feature, but they became largely redundant with computed style sharing. They also made the code complex and buggy in many places. E.g. the cascade, inheritance / composition, and intial values all needed to behave corretly when they, or their parent, had or didn't have an uncommon block. Also, only the uncommon block was really used. Fixes:
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diff --git a/src/select/arena.h b/src/select/arena.h
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--- a/src/select/arena.h
+++ b/src/select/arena.h
@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@
#define css_select_arena_h_
struct css_computed_style;
-struct css_computed_uncommon;
* Add computed style to the style sharing arena, or exchange for existing
@@ -32,14 +31,5 @@ enum css_error css__arena_intern_style(struct css_computed_style **style);
enum css_error css__arena_remove_style(struct css_computed_style *style);
- * Remove a computed style's uncommon block from the style sharing arena
- *
- * \params uncommon The uncommon style to remove from the style sharing arena
- * \return CSS_OK on success or appropriate error otherwise.
- */
-enum css_error css__arena_remove_uncommon_style(
- struct css_computed_uncommon *uncommon);