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* Given that we're going to be copying selector details, anyway, it seems point...John Mark Bell2008-12-011-4/+2
* Retain pointer to dictionary entries so we don't have to rediscover it later.John Mark Bell2008-12-011-4/+5
* Divorce css_string from whatever gets stored in lpu hashes.John Mark Bell2008-12-011-2/+2
* Use parserutils_hash instead of parserutils_dict.John Mark Bell2008-11-301-2/+2
* Optimise css_stylesheet_add_rule by the cunning approach of not iterating thr...John Mark Bell2008-11-281-0/+1
* Change the way in which css_rules are defined. This is more compact than the ...John Mark Bell2008-11-281-39/+56
* css_string is now the same as a parserutils_dict_entry. This allows us to use...John Mark Bell2008-11-271-13/+23
* Make stylesheet component constructors/destructors report errorsJohn Mark Bell2008-11-091-7/+9
* Something approximating a parser for clear.John Mark Bell2008-10-231-1/+7
* Parse common part of declarations.John Mark Bell2008-10-221-3/+6
* Style information for selector rulesets can be shared between the individual ...John Mark Bell2008-10-201-2/+1
* Provide an internal mechanism for dumping stylesheets to a file handle.John Mark Bell2008-10-191-0/+3
* Finish selector list parsingJohn Mark Bell2008-10-191-1/+2
* Create a parser instance for a stylesheet. Also create a level-specific front...John Mark Bell2008-09-251-0/+6
* Public stylesheet API & stubbed out implementations.John Mark Bell2008-09-251-0/+5
* Implement a bunch of css_stylesheet_*John Mark Bell2008-09-201-0/+4
* More API munging. Also stub out implementations of new APIs.John Mark Bell2008-09-131-0/+3
* Some idle API poking.John Mark Bell2008-09-121-7/+27
* Turn internal representation outline into a header file.John Mark Bell2008-08-081-0/+138