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* Make the encoding change callback send the textual name rather than the miben...Andrew Sidwell2008-08-101-0/+1
* Stop pretending Hubbub has an internal encoding.Andrew Sidwell2008-08-021-1/+1
* Merged revisions 4631-4838 via svnmerge from John Mark Bell2008-07-311-44/+5
* Export a hubbub_doctype type to create_doctype() directly, rather than passin...Andrew Sidwell2008-07-111-9/+4
* Use correct format specifierJohn Mark Bell2008-07-101-20/+20
* Implement "in body" insertion mode.John Mark Bell2008-04-071-19/+65
* hubbub_strings may now be either an offset into the data buffer or a pointer ...John Mark Bell2008-03-211-5/+21
* More treebuilder (really this time)John Mark Bell2008-03-111-0/+19
* More treebuilder ( Mark Bell2008-03-111-0/+325