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* nslog: Add nslog_short_level_name() for use in renderersDaniel Silverstone2019-08-021-0/+22
* Another thing to shush openbsdDaniel Silverstone2018-08-261-1/+1
* Hopefully shut openbsd up a bitDaniel Silverstone2018-08-261-5/+4
* Add cleanup to nslogDaniel Silverstone2017-09-101-0/+15
* Change category linking to be cleanerDaniel Silverstone2017-09-101-2/+4
* Switch to a check based test suite, start fixing bugsDaniel Silverstone2017-06-111-2/+4
* Another step toward filters workingDaniel Silverstone2017-06-111-16/+12
* Rework to only allocate one thing in the corked state and nothing in the unco...Daniel Silverstone2017-06-101-42/+58
* Initial versionDaniel Silverstone2017-06-101-0/+150