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Add support for retrying timed-out cURL fetches.
This is an attempt to amelioriate the situation found in #2384 where we see the cURL connect() failing to complete. Based on the pcap from the bug log, we believe that RISC OS is likely failing to signal the completion of the connection to cURL. As such, cURL times out. This change permits retries of timed out connections in the hope that a fresh socket FD might subsequently function correctly. The defaults chosen mean that the previous behaviour of 30 seconds before timeout is reported will remain the same, but in that time we will make 3 separate attempts to connect the socket.
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diff --git a/content/llcache.h b/content/llcache.h
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--- a/content/llcache.h
+++ b/content/llcache.h
@@ -230,6 +230,9 @@ struct llcache_parameters {
unsigned long time_quantum;
+ /** The number of fetches to attempt when timing out */
+ uint32_t fetch_attempts;
struct llcache_store_parameters store;