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move the fallback text for about handler into messages handler
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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
# The split-messages tool requires keys for all languages to be
# grouped together but language order is not important. If a key for a
-# specific language is ommited the default language value will be used
+# specific language is omitted the default language value will be used
# instead (currently en)
# If you find something tagged 'all', but it is only relevant to a specific
@@ -1099,8 +1099,8 @@ en.all.TryAgain: Try Again
# Fetch error interface
# =======================
-en.all.FetchErrorTitle:Error occured fetching page
-en.all.FetchErrorDescription:An error occoured when connecting to %s
+en.all.FetchErrorTitle:Error occurred fetching page
+en.all.FetchErrorDescription:An error occurred when connecting to %s
# SSL certificate viewer