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+/* YT play.nsrx by Chris Handley
+ This script opens a YouTube video using YT (OS4Depot:video/misc/yt.lha)
+options results
+if ~open('yt','AppDir:YT','R') then do
+ address command 'requestchoice >NIL: "NetSurf" "YT must be installed for this script to function.*n*nIt can be downloaded from OS4Depot:video/misc/yt" "OK" PubScreen='||result
+ OPEN '' NEWTAB ACTIVE /* This doesn't work due to a NetSurf(?) bug */
+ exit
+address COMMAND 'Run >NIL: RequestChoice Title="NetSurf" BODY="When finished with YT, click OK to return to NetSurf" GADGETS="OK" INACTIVE >NIL:' /* Hack to get Workbench to front */
+/*address command 'requestchoice >NIL: "TEST" "'||result||'" "OK"'*/
+address command 'AppDir:YT <>CON:0/30/640/256/YT/AUTO/CLOSE "'||result||'"'
+/*TOBACK*/ /* ideally we'd bring Workbench to front */