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* convert huffman table to 32bit valuesVincent Sanders2016-09-241-13/+20
| | | | | | by using 32bit values instead of 8bit we make the hufman decode require fewer memory acesses and can work on four times as many bits of source data in one go.
* huffman encode string tableVincent Sanders2016-09-231-43/+213
| | | | By huffman encoding the string table we can save 20% (15KB) size
* generation tool now adds some basic statistics to outputVincent Sanders2016-09-191-31/+44
* improve teh generator tools comment header outputVincent Sanders2016-09-161-6/+7
* improve the node tree representation to halve its memory usageVincent Sanders2016-09-151-38/+48
* Generate a much more compact string table by eliding duplicate stringsVincent Sanders2016-09-151-24/+49
* Initial working libraryVincent Sanders2016-09-141-0/+298